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Are you a Robin or a Felix?

Updated: Feb 21, 2019

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Are you a Robin or a Felix? You see a lot of people running towards a certain direction. You don’t know where they’re going or why they’re going there. What do you do if that happens? Many people will follow suit and start running with the crowd. They must have a good reason for it, right? After a few kilometers of running with the crowd, it finally comes to an end. You stop at a location (let’s call this location, “The Spot”) and you’re not sure what it is or what you’re supposed to do there. And everyone around you seems to think and feel the same. So why did you all go there in the first place? One person (let’s call this person Robin), realized that their passion and path lied in the journey towards The Spot. Going to The Spot was a step that Robin needed to get to in order to go to the next destination. Robin innately knew this was the way to go. Robin was very passionate about his path and told many people about it. Those many people were inspired by Robin… so much that they followed his path unquestionably. They started doing exactly as he did. Some would ask the people following Robin’s path why they were going in that direction.

And most of the people would generally respond similarly to a gentleman named Felix…

Lisa: “What makes you go in that direction?

Felix (Lisa’s acquaintance): “Because that’s the trend. That’s what everyone is doing. It’s the future of how to do business.”

Lisa: “Ok. but is it something you really want to do?”

Felix: “Of course I do. Why would I not want to follow the way of the future? Everyone knows it’s the way to go. Look around, everyone is doing it. Besides, there’s a gap in the market and I have the skills for it. It makes perfect sense.”

Lisa: “If only a few people were moving forward in this way, would you still be doing this?”

Felix: “Mmmm, I don’t know. I mean, I still have the skills for it. But I wouldn’t have figured out this path for myself to begin with.”

Lisa: “I see. If you weren’t allowed to follow anyone else’s path or a trend, what do you think you’d be doing instead then?”

Felix: “Music! I love music. But come on. I can’t live out of that and have a stable life.”

Lisa: “What do you love about music? Is it about being a musician or about something else?”

Felix: “Well I do love playing the guitar. I feel like a rockstar, untouchable when I’m playing the guitar. But it’s not just about that. Music has a way making people experience something. It’s like food. Essential to one’s living. And I just love being a part of that.”

Lisa: “Got it. So let’s say you play the guitar on your own time, as a hobby, since obviously it makes you feel alive. What else can you see yourself doing in relation to music?”

Felix: “Good question. I don’t know. I guess I can brainstorm and see what comes out of that. {pause} Ahhh, but come on, let’s be honest. Am I REALLY going to find something to do professionally with that and make money? I mean, what are the odds? Whatever it is it will take time, and I can’t afford to wait to make money. I have bills to pay, and I really want to save money to go to Jamaica and escape for a week.” Lisa: “Mhmmm. Do you want me to tell you what I really think?”

Felix: “Please!”

Lisa: “I think you’re scared. You’re scared of going your own way, doing your own thing. You’re scared to fail. You’re scared that you’ll be different. You prefer to stay in a position of conformity than really doing what your heart beats for. Not everyone does what their heart beats for. And you don’t want to be different. You prefer to live a mediocre life for the sake of belonging. You don’t want to stand out. You want to be part of that camouflage. You’re running on autopilot, doing what everyone else is doing. It’s safe. And also, you doubt yourself. You doubt that you’ll really be able to achieve what you truly want to do. And as a man, you don’t want to be seen like that because you see that as a weakness. And you believe weakness to be the worst thing to be seen as. It’s abo...”

Felix: “Ok enough. I’m not here to be lectured.”

Lisa: “I’m not lectur…”

Felix: “Stop it! Seriously! I don’t need you to question my life choices or to put me down.”

Lisa: “You said I could say…”

Felix: “Get out!”


Felix is an example of what many people do. They follow the masses. The Felix’ of the world who follow the path of someone else (Robin) instead of following their own. If we were to allow ourselves to be inspired by the Robin’s of the world, and follow our own unique path, imagine what kind of world we would live in? We would accept and celebrate our own individuality, our unique dreams and desires. We’d be a colorful array of human beings inspiring and supporting one another, co-creating and collaborating when it makes sense, and not being afraid to expose our truth.

Know what you’re walking or running towards. If many people are going in one direction, it doesn’t mean it’s your path. Learn to be curious and ask yourself why you’re doing what you’re doing. Learn to break down your status quo. Ask yourself questions. What drives you? What makes you come alive? What would be the ultimate you’d want to experience? What is your purpose? Who are you at the core? And let this be the driving force, the center point on which you make your choices on how to live your life.

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