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Figure out who you are...

“Figure out who you are, then do it on purpose.”

Layers upon layers of social conditioning, limiting beliefs, fears, traumas, and more, hinder people from truly experiencing who they are at the core. And at that core lies your essence, your truth, the answers and wisdom that most people look for on the outside. So much richness, love, and potential lie at the core of each and everyone one of us. One intention of mine is to be more open and public with my gifts and potential, and part of that is me sharing my wisdom... the wisdom that will unequivocally have an impact on the world for the betterment and evolution of humanity. May my power and potential expand and permeate, and may yours as well. 💚✨🐉🔮🌀🌴☀️🌬🎼🚀🕉

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