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FUCK THAT: An Honest Meditation

FUCK THAT: An Honest Meditation

[This blog post was originally created on March 24, 2016.]

As an advocate for fully expressing ourselves, I often times say "fuck" or "shit" to get my point across or to show how fuckin'  keen I am on whatever it is I am expressing. Talk about having no fetters, right? :)

I came across this meditation some time ago and it landed on my Faceboook inbox by a friend of mine again this morning, and it resonated to me much more this time.

Seriously, let's let go of all the external bullshit that doesn't serve us. Let's not let any fuckin' person or experience bring us down or make us doubt our worth, abilities, and such. The only thing that matters is how much we fuckin' love ourselves and for us to fully accept ourselves. 

Hope you enjoy the video as much as I do, if not, it's all fuckin' good. ;)

#acceptance #meditation #fuckthat #fuck #shit #honest #mindfulness #letgo #transformation

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